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Developing Dashboard Indicators using Results Based Accountability

The Client

Metropolitan Council-Metropolitan Transportation Services

The Challenge

Metropolitan Transportation Services (MTS), a division of the Metropolitan Council (Council), asked Management Analysis and Development (MAD) to assist them in using the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework to develop key performance indicators for the Council's dashboard. RBA is a simple, plain language approach to performance measurement that puts the focus on the end results and works back to the means. As part of an overall transition at the Council to use RBA as a performance measurement framework, MTS was interested in learning more about the approach and determining which performance indicators that would be of most interest to the public.

The Approach

MAD provided a brief training on key RBA concepts and vocabulary before working with MTS staff to increase their comfort and familiarity with the framework. Also, before creating the indicators, MAD led staff through a discussion and exercises to review and refine its division's mission and goals to ensure the indicators would align.

After MAD led staff through creating goal statements, MAD facilitated small group discussions to develop key indicators that would allow the division to measure their progress against their goals. Then, MAD guided the group through an exercise to select the key indicators that would be considered for the agency-wide dashboard. Staff rated the candidate indicators by their communication, proxy and data power so they could choose the indicators that would resonate most with the public. Transit on-time performance, crash rates/accidents per number of vehicle trips, and ridership trends by transit mode were a few of the indicators they selected..

The Results

MAD provided MTS with a roadmap to demonstrate how Metropolitan Councils' divisions and programs could roll up their indicators to the agency-wide dashboard. The roadmap also helped illustrate how the divisions' programs and activities contribute to achieving the Council's overall mission and goals. At the close of the project, MTS had successfully used a new framework (RBA) to develop and select key indicators that would be considered by leadership for the Council's dashboard.

The Consultants

Charlie Petersen 
Renee Raduenz
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