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Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Strategic Planning

The Client

Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)

The Challenge

Prioritize and focus BCA mission and service without increasing costs. The growing volume and complexity of cyber-crimes, flat funding and increased service demands required the BCA to reexamine their mission and find ways to focus their work in a changing environment. At the same time, the BCA needed to maximize their impact for the protection and safety of all Minnesotans.

The Approach

MAD consultants designed a four-phase process to help the BCA gather and analyze data necessary to make well-informed decisions about the agency's future direction.

Phase 1: Laying the Groundwork

MAD conducted over 30 interviews with a broad array of BCA staff. Critical to the review analysis was to identify:

  • Relevancy of the current mission, vision and values of the BCA;
  • BCA's strengths to be leveraged in the future and threats that may diminish its effectiveness; and
  • Which programs, projects and strategic initiatives should be considered as priorities to meet future demands.

Phase 2: Engaging Stakeholders

The BCA hosted a stakeholder meeting that highlighted trend data from the investigation, forensic lab, training and Minnesota Justice Information System divisions. These presentations demonstrated the challenges facing the BCA and set the stage for stakeholders to provide input regarding priorities.

Phase 3: Planning BCA Strategy

MAD consultants facilitated meetings with BCA's strategic planning committee to rewrite the organization's mission and vision. In addition, the committee refreshed the organization's values and identified strategic priorities in a draft plan. The internal interview data and stakeholder feedback were critical in the preparation of the draft plan.

Phase 4: Leaders Refine Strategy

In a the final step, key leaders reviewed and refined the draft plan to ensure the core features fit the BCA's espoused mission and vision, and was in alignment with the Department of Public Safety's overall direction and the State's future needs.

The Results

This strategy planning process resulted in a realistic, comprehensive and refreshed plan that capitalized on the BCA's strengths. It also identified arenas where it will focus and invest to meet changing and growing demands for its services.

The Consultants

Judy Plante
Barbara Tuckner |


Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 2013-2016 Strategic Plan

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