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Take Action Today.

Governor Dayton issued a proclamation declaring November 12 – 18, 2017 Fraud Awareness and Prevention Week. During this week, we explore five high value actions to fight fraud. But before you act, each day we help you see how:
• Fraud can happen anywhere;
• Fraud costs you, your agency, and the state; and
• Fraud awareness and prevention is the responsibility of every state employee.

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Daily Fraud Fact: What is Fraud?

Know what fraud is.

Fraud is knowingly misrepresenting the truth or concealing important facts to harm another or benefit oneself. There are two key characteristics of fraud:
• First, the person acts intentionally, with purpose. This separates fraud from honest errors or mistakes.
• Second, the perpetrator’s actions are hidden. Unlike other offenses, the person actively works to hide the illegal activity. That is why fraud is often difficult to identify.

Take action to increase your fraud prevention knowledge and learn proactive steps to fight fraud.

Daily Fraud Facts highlight things all state employees need to take action against fraud:
1) Fraud can happen anywhere. Fraud is possible in your agency, division, or even within your own business unit. Check Tuesday’s Daily Fraud Fact for more.
2) Fraud impacts everyone. When fraud happens, it impacts you, the organization you work for, the state, and every Minnesota taxpayer. Check Wednesday’s Daily Fraud Fact for more.
3) Fraud fighting takes everyone. Fraud awareness and prevention is the job of every state employee. Check Thursday’s Daily Fraud Fact for more.
4) Fraud Reporting is everyone’s responsibility. It is every state employee’s responsibility to be aware and prevent fraud. Know where to report what you know or suspect about fraud. Check Friday’s Daily Fraud Fact for more. 

Know or suspect a fraud is occurring? Take action today and view our Fraud Reporting Resources pages to find out how to report suspected fraud schemes.

Thank you for taking action to prevent fraud in Minnesota State Government.
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