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Friday: How Do I Report Fraud?

We all have a responsibility to know the requirements and general reporting mechanisms available. Agency specific channels for reporting fraud vary. It is important to become familiar with your agency’s reporting channels. In wrapping up this week, today we will discuss:

  • How to report fraud.
  • What to do now that Fraud Awareness and Prevention Week is over.
  • Thank you to all that participated this week!

Reporting Mechanisms

Both email and web-based/online reporting has surpassed telephone hotlines. The preferred methods of reporting potential fraud have been evolving, and state channels must adapt accordingly, offering multiple ways people can report fraud, waste and abuse.

Table 1: The State of Minnesota fraud reporting resourses.


Fraud Reporting Details


Understand your agency’s fraud reporting resources. In some cases, hotlines or other anonymous channels exist, or employees can report concerns to supervisors, senior management, and human resources. Management must be ready to assist.

Code of Ethical Conduct

The Code of Ethical Conduct Policy involves annual training and requires state agency employees to report violations of the policy, significant internal control deficiencies, and evidence of theft, embezzlement, or unlawful use of public funds or property.

Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA)

The Office of Legislative Auditor website offers an online or printable allegation form to report wrongdoing, possible misuse of state money and other resources, and noncompliance with law to that office.

MMB Internal Controls

Fraud Reporting Resources for employee fraud, consumer fraud, and cyber fraud are available on MMB’s website. Internal Control References provide links to information and resources relating to audit and internal controls.

Whistleblower Protections

The state’s Whistleblower Act protects state agency workers who in good faith report a suspected violation. The Code of Ethical Conduct Policy specifically prohibits any retaliation against a person who reports wrongdoing, after or before any report is made, and can lead to disciplinary action against violators, up to and including termination. The Federal Whistleblower Protection Policy prohibits reprisal against an employee reporting on federal contracts, grants, or funds.

Fraud Awareness Everyday

Remember, awareness is not just important during Fraud Awareness and Prevention Week. Continue your efforts week after week! Fraud can occur anytime and anyplace and demands continuous attention. Enhance our fraud defenses by taking proactive steps throughout the year, attending and participating in anti-fraud training, and working together to report and address fraud, waste, and abuse.

Use resources provided on the ACFE website. Contact the MMB Internal Control and Accountability Unit for more information on trainings, risk assessment development, control activities, monitoring ideas, and other key information.

Thank you for participating in 2023 Fraud Awareness and Prevention Week, and for your continued efforts throughout the year to protect our state assets!

Short Video Clips

Review these videos for more information on reporting fraud and creating a fraud-aware culture.

Table 2: Short video clips, video length, and video description

Video Sequence

Video Length

Video Link and Description of Video

V 5.1


The Importance of Hotlines and Reporting Mechanisms for Preventing Fraud

V 5.2


Tone at the Top According to a Fraudster

V 5.3


Employee Fraud Awareness Training

About ICA

Minnesota Management and Budget’s Internal Control and Accountability Unit (ICA) offers resources, training, and consultation for executive agencies to prioritize and document their internal control systems. The unit offers content for Fraud Awareness and Prevention Week for a tenth consecutive year, aligning with the Associated Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) annual International Fraud Awareness Week.

Resources:Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations.

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