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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is one of management's most important tools for establishing a strong control environment. The Code of Conduct sets an appropriate tone at the top by outlining the standards and expectations regarding employee honesty, integrity, ethical behavior, and by providing mechanisms for employees to report questionable or improper activities and behaviors. To comply with MMB Statewide Operating Policy 0103-01, Code of Conduct, each agency also needs to have a suitable internal control structure that will ensure the agency's mission, goals and objectives are achieved.

New Employee Code of Conduct Training & Certification Steps

All state employees must receive Code of Conduct/ethics training upon initial employment. A subset of employees must also certify to their commitment to abide by the Code of Conduct's policy provisions.

Annual Code of Conduct Re-certification Steps

Agency heads/senior leaders and employees with applicable job responsibilities must annually re-certify to their commitment to abide by the code's policy provisions.

Minnesota State Statutes & Other Resources

Links to related state statutes and other resources.

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