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Executive Branch Agency Requirements

The following links provide detailed guidance and information on the Internal Control & Accountability Unit's executive branch agency requirements. Within these links you will find policies, procedures, training resources, certification documentation, and additional supporting documentation to help you complete your agency's Executive Branch requirements.

Annual Internal Control System Certification

The head of each executive agency must annually certify that they have reviewed their agency's internal control systems and that these systems are in compliance with standards and policies established by MMB.

Annual Security Review & Verification

Annually, all agencies that use the SWIFT and SEMA4 systems must evaluate the security roles assigned to each of their staff and certify those role assignments to be appropriate.

Audit Report Monitoring

Agency management must communicate the status of their corrective action plans to MMB periodically. Reporting will continue until each audit finding is fully resolved or no longer applicable.

Code of Ethical Conduct Acknowledgement

All state executive branch employees must receive code of conduct/ethics training and complete the acknowledgement with conflict of interest disclosure.

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