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Enterprise Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a systematic process for identifying and addressing the gaps between the workforce of today and skill needs of tomorrow.  It provides the foundation for strategic human resource decisions that help agencies meet their business goals.  As in other planning processes, Workforce Planning requires a team of people who each have an important role in the success of the project.

What We Can Do for You 

Enterprise Workforce Planning is a free resource offered to state agencies. Our goal is to provide agencies with the support they need to build a future-orientated, well-skilled, diverse, workforce.  We do this by:

•    Working with the agency to determine workforce risk
•    Providing direction on internal and external data scanning
•    Facilitating discussions on possible future scenarios
•    Building an action plan to limit workforce risk
•    Provide presentations around workforce planning or talent management topics such as (knowledge transfer, succession planning, workforce risk assessments)
•    Provide support to existing workforce planning groups
•    Connecting agencies with successful processes, tools, and teams in other agencies dealing with the same issues

What We Need from You

The insight and wisdom comes from those internal to the agency.  Understanding context around data, and internal cultures and processes are integral to the process and must be provided by YOU.  Some other ways that you can expect to be involved are:

•    Gathering internal and external data
•    Providing access to some internal staff at points through the process
•    Garnering strong leadership/ HR support for the process
•    Commitment and ability for holding leaders and staff accountable to the process
•    Time (meetings and work)

The Process/ Timeframes

The process is fairly straightforward but the length of time will vary depending on access to data, staff availability and leadership support.  In some cases a short project could take a month, while on the long end the process could take up to a year.  Because this is YOUR workforce plan, the schedule can be adjusted based on the needs of the agency.

The Types of Outcomes You Can Expect

The process is designed to identify workforce risk (turnover, retirement, increasing diversity, skill gaps) and build a plan to address/minimize these risks.  Most agencies find great benefit in determining critical positions for whom to build succession plans, identifying high retirement risk areas to focus on with knowledge transfer, and reimagining the future workforce by re-designing positions and structures. Your outcomes will be solutions to the workforce challenges that you prioritize.

How to Get Started



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Workforce Planning FAQs

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