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LinkedIn Learning


HR and Training Directors Resources

As a part of our effort to grow and retain top talent, Enterprise Talent Development (ETD) has launched a program for LinkedIn Learning. Thank you for all your help in promoting the program as a means for us to better understand how to gain the most value from this powerful employee training tool. We'll be updating this resource page with all the communication tools and templates for you to leverage in your agency.

For Sub-Admins, LinkedIn Learning recommends taking an admin course to better support your team. 

Agency template emails to program participants and managers

Engagement is key to the success of this program. To support you, we’re drafting template messages that you can customize and share within your agency. These ”plug-and-play” materials give you a starting point for sharing agency-specific information, while also making sure our messages are consistent. 

Enterprise-wide communications resources

With thousands of courses on countless topics, it can be difficult to know where to start. We'll share the most relevant resources such as trending courses, recommended learning paths, and other curated content to support your agency in making LinkedIn Learning a meaningful experience for your employees.

Become a LinkedIn Learning Expert

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