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LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning and Individual Development Plans (IDP) 

Ongoing learning is integral to everyone’s personal and professional growth. Taking initiative towards self improvement, or encouraging someone, makes the State stronger! Create a learning path as a team, suggest courses as a resource to persevere through difficult projects, and integrate LinkedIn Learning into your Individual Development Plans.

Talking to your employees about integrating LinkedIn Learning to their Individual Development Plan

Understand that LIL is not time wasted, support the values you’re trying to instill in your team.

Conversations starters

  • “I know you were frustrated with how your last assignment turned out. I found an advanced course on X that could bring things to a new level.” 
  • “We’re about to enter our busy season, I’m asking everyone to take this refresher course in time management so we can stay on top of things.” 
  • “I see how hard you’re trying to improve on X. I took a class on LinkedIn Learning that gave me some valuable insight.”

Talking to your manager about integrating LinkedIn Learning to your Individual Development Plan

Browse courses for new skills you want to learn, or talents you want to master, to help you reach personal and professional goals. 

Conversation starters

  • “I’m new to projects like this, I think spending an hour on LIL will help me catch up to the rest of the team.”
  • “Could you recommend me for this new opportunity? I’m willing to spend time on LIL to prepare.”
  • “We’re out of our busy season, but I’d like to stay at that same level of productivity or I’m going to get restless.”

Using LinkedIn Learning as a team

  • Take the same courses as your coworkers, and discuss the course during weekly or monthly team meetings - like a book club! 
  • If the team is stuck during a project, find courses to complete together, or delegate a course to each team member. Come back to the project with a fresh perspective.
  • Dedicate 5-10 minutes of your team meetings for a "New Skill Show and Tell," and let someone from your team share what they've found on LinkedIn Learning.

Suggested professional development courses

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