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Get Ready for Kickoff! Leading Minnesota to Superbowl 2018

Join The Leadership Network for a special leadership conversation with Alex Tittle, VP of Business Connect & Corporate Affairs for the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee's Business Connect program with Super Bowl 52. Mr. Tittle provides his unique perspective on leading the state of Minnesota to Superbowl 52 this coming February.

Mr. Tittle uses his expertise in community and corporate partnerships to engage local business leaders with the NFL and its contractors. Learn how his leadership style promotes collaboration with internal and external partners to help ensure that local minority, women, veteran and LGBT businesses have opportunities to successfully partner with the NFL and conduct their respective businesses during the Superbowl.

Attendees will gain valuable insights and techniques that drive engagement and support for large scale initiatives with colleagues, executive leaders and the citizens of Minnesota. Mr. Tittle will speak about his experiences followed by a question & answer session.

Prior to this role, Mr. Tittle served as the Chief Consultant for the Equity Program of the US Bank Stadium, Director for the Office of Civil Rights at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Educational Operations Director for Summit Academy OIC and served in the United States Army for over 10 years as Intelligence Analyst and Transportation Officer.

Space is limited! To register for this event please visit ELM and search 'Leadership Conversation with Alex Tittle'

Date: September 26, 2017
Time:  11:00 A.M. - Noon
Location: MN Department of Revenue; Skjegstad Room, 600 North Robert St. St. Paul, MN 55146 

The Leadership Network- Fall Quarterly Event

As our workforce changes, flexible work environments and teleworking are excellent ways to recruit, engage and retain high potential professionals. 

This fall quarterly event presented by the Leadership Network will provide supervisors and managers with insights, techniques and best practices to successfully navigate and manage a virtual workplace. Facilitated by Kathy Kacher from Career/Life Alliance Services (CLAS) and Rachel Hastings from WFC Resources, this event will showcase ways to attract top talent and orchestrate a virtual workplace that can provide quality and value to your organization.

In this session “The Virtual Workplace: A Guide to Telework for Managers” we will discuss the following:
•    Understand the concept of telecommuting/telework
•    Know the difference between myths and reality
•    See the bottom-line value to the organization
•    Choose the right people for telework
•    Keep remote workers linked to the office and on the career track
•    Anticipate and handle problems

To sign up for this FREE session- visit the ELM registration portal and search- The Virtual Workplace

Interested Leadership Network participants (geared towards those with direct reports)
Date: October 3rd, 2017
Time: 2:00-4:00
Location: Department of Revenue; Skjegstad Room
Presenters: Kathy Kacher (Career/Life Alliance Services) and Rachel Hastings (WFC Resources)

A Leadership Conversation with R.T. Rybak

As the former mayor of Minneapolis, a native of Minnesota and a journalist by trade early in his career, R.T. Rybak provided a well-rounded conversation about leadership within government. Many ideas and discussion points from Rybak really stuck with those who were in attendance. Rybak defined “government” as what we as a society decide we can’t or don’t want to do alone. Government is what we want to do together. Another idea that was powerful and a great point about public service was what a privilege it is to be in a position to have your work be meaningful and to have a positive effect on something. Rybak also found in his position as the former Mayor of Minneapolis that it was important to put himself in public settings. In order to have positive public interaction, during good and bad news, you need to actually engage with the public. Another big takeaway was "You should be willing to get fired over something you believe in." Many also really appreciated Rybak’s comment, "Your work is important, now more than ever" in relation to what's happening in our political environment. Many thanks to R.T. Rybak for providing great insights and perspectives to the SLI and ELI alumni!

RT Rybak Selfie


Leadership Network Mission Statement

The Leadership Network's mission is to bring State aspiring leaders together in order to
cultivate their leadership skills in a shared learning environment. Through its efforts, the
Leadership Network is building more effective leaders for today and tomorrow's workplace.

We aspire to:  
Connect leaders to foster innovation and collaboration.
Engage members in networking opportunities to build new connections and strengthen existing connections.  
Ignite meaningful conversations around relevant state government challenges and issues.

Interested in Volunteering?

Help us continue to build more effective leaders for today and tomorrow's workplace by join the Leadership Network planning committee and help plan the next event.  Contact the committee by email at or email Laura Michelson at find out more about becoming a planning committee volunteer.

Get On Yammer & Stay CONNECTed

Yammer is a private social network that helps state employees collaborate, share ideas and organize around topics of interest. The State of Minnesota has a network available for all employees at . The Leadership Network has also set up a Yammer Leadership CONNECTions network to stay connected, help foster relationships and to enable employees to engage in conversations that ignite and transform state government. All ELI, SLI, SEAL and Leadership CONNECTions participants have been added to the network.

First, create a Yammer account if you don’t already have one. Yammer will place you in the State of Minnesota Network. Next, select "Networks" in the bottom left corner underneath "State of MN Groups" to find the MN Leadership CONNECTions network. You can customize your profile settings and notifications by selecting the three dots (ellipses) at the upper right of the screen. You can find the Leadership CONNECTions site at 

Looking for Additional Training?

Supplement your leadership development training with ETD’s skills, professional and leadership development opportunities. Explore our courses, programs, and workshops and get enrolled in upcoming offerings. Below is a sample of ETD courses you may be interested in taking.

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