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Local Government Employee Enrollment

If you are a city, county or local government employee, or an employee from one of the following nine (9) agencies listed below, and you do not have access to the state of Minnesota Self-Service system, you MUST follow enrollment guidelines below. All local government employees must obtain a log-in ID and password to Self-Service in order to enroll in any courses offered through the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system. Please review our cancellation, rescheduling and special accommodation policies before enrolling.

  • Agriculture Utilization Research
  • Historical Society
  • Humanities Commission
  • Higher Ed Facilities Authority
  • Admin CAP Project & Relocation
  • Uniform Laws Commission
  • Senate
  • House of Representatives
  • Metropolitan Council/Transport

Steps to Enroll

ETD courses are available to all local government, city and county employees of Minnesota. Follow these steps in order to complete enrollment.

  1. Ensure you have obtained all necessary approvals and funds for the course have been encumbered.
  2. Complete and submit the online form. The ETD State Registrar will generate your log on ID and password.
    NOTE: This form should only be completed by employees who do not currently have access to Self-Service.
  3. With your new log on ID, you will be able to sign up for courses in ELM
    (See the ELM page for enrollment instructions.)

Notice: During the course of registering for and taking training in the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system we will be collecting the following information:

  • Your name and Employer name
  • Your Business address
  • Your Business email address
  • Your Business telephone number

When you complete training in ELM we will also be creating a training record for you. All information submitted to and stored in ELM is subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13. It is classified as “public” under the statute. Because of this, any request for any information held within the ELM system, including the above information about you, will, by law, be provided to the requestor. In addition, this data is also available to persons with ELM system administrative roles.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact ETD at 651-259-3646 prior to completing this form.

Request a log-in ID and password to Self-Service to enroll in courses offered through the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system

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