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What's Changing

Below are the significant changes resulting from the SWIFT, Self Service and Administrative Portal upgrade activities. Please note that the changes that are listed may evolve as we move through the project. If you have questions, please contact

Impacted Functions
Impact Description

SWIFT, Self Service and Administrative Portal

General Changes.  There will be a new URL for all three systems. Users will need to replace bookmarks along with system favorites, recent places, and user personalizations.

Self Service

Self Service Changes. When entering the Self Service Portal, users will experience a new look, feel, and navigation changes. 

  1. New sign in page: Announcements moved to Homepage
  2. Homepage will now include tiles and icons

ELM – All ELM users and ELM Administrators

ELM changes. When using Enterprise Learning Management (ELM), users will select on a tile to get to their work.

  1. New sign in page
  2. There will be direct access to ELM as a tile on the portal homepage. The ELM link in Self Service will no longer be there.
  3. External Learners accessing ELM will only see the ELM tile and not the Self Service tile.
  4. For ELM Administrators, there will be a new navigation to access External Learner Profiles and the ELM training sandbox.

Administrative Portal – Budget Applications, Data Warehouse, ELM, SWIFT, and SEMA4 users

Administrative Portal Changes. When entering the Administrative Portal, users will experience a new look, feel, and navigation changes.

  1. New sign in page: Announcements moved to Homepage
  2. Homepage will now include tiles and icons
  3. Global Search will allow users to search for pages and tiles. Accounting and Procurement applications will have additional (module specific) search capabilities for finding related documents. Note that SEMA4 HCM and ELM will not use Global Search until they upgrade.
Administrative Portal SWIFT users

Portal Changes.  A new user experience including look, feel, and navigation for SWIFT users

  1. New sign in page
  2. Tiles for applications (Accounting and Procurement) that lead to module specific (e.g. Accounts Payable and Purchasing) homepages

SWIFT – Accounting, Procurement, Bidders, and Suppliers

New Supplier Portal and Registration Pages. The new Supplier Portal will be easier for bidders and suppliers to navigate and will include registration "train stops" tailored to the registrant.

Note: There is new nomenclature: Vendors are now Bidders or Suppliers. Users can choose to register as bidder vs. supplier which requires less set-up.

SWIFT – Finance, Procurement, Bidders, and Suppliers

Bidder Registration. Bidder registration allows a bidder to quickly register and bid on an open event.  Should the bidder be awarded the event the bidder will need to submit W-9 and other company information to become a supplier. This will allow additional users to view events on the supplier portal without having to fully register.

SWIFT – Accounting and Procurement users

Addition of WorkCenters.  WorkCenters are a central navigational component designed to enhance the user experience.  WorkCenters will help the user become more efficient by accessing frequently used pages and keep multiple windows open while performing daily tasks. Think of this as one stop shop for common module pages, pending items, reports, and other links.

SWIFT – Accounting and Procurement users

Workflow Approval. The user will see all required approvals in one spot. The work list will be replaced by new approval pages. 

SWIFT – Accounting and Procurement users

Help Related Content/Quick Reference Guides. 

  1. When navigating through tiles, users can access help documents related to the page they are on from their current page.
  2. Quick Reference Guides Homepage for SWIFT will now exist for users.

SWIFT – Accounting and Procurement users

Audit Functionality. The audit functionality provides efficient tracking of transaction processing that identify the statuses of transactions to be tracked, including online views to search the audit log results by source, transaction, and user (i.e. PO last changed).

SWIFT – Accounting - AP users

Journal Voucher Interface. Agencies will be able to interface journal vouchers when making expense corrections.

SWIFT – Accounting AR/BI use

AR Automatic Maintenance. This new process is configured to automatically match items with the same credit and debit balances. AR staff will no longer need to manually create maintenance worksheets for a large percentage of credits created by the "Adjust Entire Bill" functionality in the billing module.

SWIFT – Accounting, GM users

Federal Identifier Number (FAIN) . The FAIN field has been added and the system now provides users the ability to enter the FAIN on the proposal then have the numbers automatically populated on the award pages in the Grants Module.

SWIFT – Accounting, AR/BI users

Write Off and Refund Workflow.  All Accounts Receivable write offs and refunds will now require approval and then will be picked up automatically in ARUPDATE once approved.

SWIFT – Procurement, SC, Suppliers, Buyers/Contract Coordinators

DocuSign Integration. DocuSign replaces the current electronic signature functionality.  Removes multiple modifications, simplifies process for suppliers (and contract admins) as they no longer need to create user IDs and log into SWIFT to sign contracts. Buyer initiated emails from SWIFT will contain a link to DocuSign where suppliers and agency signers review and sign the contract.  Information is passed to and from DocuSign to keep the two systems in sync.

SWIFT – Procurement SS, Contract Admin Buyers, Suppliers

XML Download and Upload of Price Sheets.  Bidders can enter bid information into a spreadsheet and upload to Supplier Portal as an electronic bid response.  Buyers, contract admins, and evaluators will be able to view the details in Supplier Portal.

SWIFT – Procurement Purchasing, Contract Admin Buyers

PO Close Short. Close Short functionality will be an additional tool to assist the process for closing of PO and receipt documents. The PO Close Short process will create a change order and this will aid in keeping the contract balance in sync.

SWIFT – Procurement SC, Contract Admin Buyers

SCM Workbench.  The Supplier Contract Workbench is a central location from which contract administrators can manage contract-related transactions. Contract administrators can perform related actions directly from the Workbench, such as accessing source transactions and authored documents. In addition, contract administrators can manage exceptions and take actions based on notifications, worklist items, and reminders. The Supplier Contract Workbench can be used as the starting point for all contract administrator tasks. Workbench will combine the navigation into one screen. Users will be able to select contract from one page.

SWIFT – Procurement, Contract Admin Buyers

Event Collaboration. Event Collaboration replaces the current event approval processing in SWIFT, with the exception of P/T (Professional/Technical) approvals. When adding an event the buyer or contract coordinator will need to add the proper collaborators to the event.

SWIFT – Procurement, Contract Admin Buyers

Event Line Upload. Sourcing event creators have the option of creating an event by uploading the lines to SWIFT using an Excel spreadsheet. Event line data is entered on a spreadsheet and then uploaded to SWIFT.

Budget Applications – University of Minnesota, Local Governments, Legislative and State of MN Staff

Budget System Changes. When using Budget Applications, users will select a tile to get to their work.

  1. There will be a new sign in page.
  2. There will be a single tile to the Budget Applications Homepage with five tiles that go to specific applications from the budget page.
Data Warehouse users – All Employee

Data Warehouse changes. Data Warehouse users, accessing OBIEE and EPM, will select a tile to get to their work.

  1. New sign in page
  2. There will be a single tile to the OBIEE/Data Warehouse Homepage with multiple tiles that go to specific applications.
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