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For Suppliers

As part of this upgrade, the Supplier Portal will introduce new changes. There will be a new look and feel to the Supplier Portal. Check this current and future state PowerPoint to see before and after screenshots of the new system. Following is a summary of the
upcoming changes:

New Supplier Portal and Registration Pages. The new Supplier Portal will be easier for bidders and suppliers to navigate and will include registration "train stops" tailored to the registrant. Note: There is new nomenclature: Vendors are now Bidders or Suppliers. You can choose to register as bidder vs. supplier which requires less set-up.

Bidder Registration. Bidder registration allows a bidder to quickly register and bid on an open event.  Should the bidder be awarded the event the bidder will need to submit W-9 and other company information to become a supplier. This will allow additional users to view events on the supplier portal without having to fully register.

XML Download and Upload of Price Sheets.  Bidders can enter bid information into a spreadsheet and upload to Supplier Portal as an electronic bid response.  Buyers, contract admins, and evaluators will be able to view the details in Supplier Portal.

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