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Frequently Asked Questions

Why upgrade?

The limited upgrade will bring SWIFT, Self Service, and the Administrative Portal entry point (which is a system called “Portal”) to a more current version so we can continue to receive support from our supplier (Oracle).
Staying in support with the supplier means we can receive and apply patches and upgrades such as fixes to security vulnerabilities, updates for assistive technology users, and updates that support more current browsers and operating systems.

Who is impacted by this upgrade?

  • All State agencies using SWIFT applications
  • All employees, retirees, and entities covered by SEGIP using Self Service
  • All State agencies accessing systems through the Administrative Portal
  • All State suppliers / vendors who use the SWIFT Supplier Portal 
  • Those who use assistive technology to access these systems 
  • Limited external users to Self Service and Administrative Portal
  • Disability Community

When is this happening? 

December 2019. 

How will I prepare? 

There will be a number of ways for you to prepare. Here are some examples: 

  • Sneak Peeks on SWIFT navigation and modules. Find them in the SWIFT Update Newsletter
  • Quick Reference Guides 
  • Webinars 
  • Classroom training (for Strategic Sourcing)

What would happen if we did not do this upgrade? 

We would lose our supplier’s (Oracle) support and not be able to take advantage of future updates. 

How will my agency prepare? 

Agency Readiness Managers (ARMs) will help facilitate agency readiness activities and support.

SWIFT Upgrade Training

How is training organized?

Training materials will be available for agency staff in similar roles. Training will be delivered in a variety of formats to highlight the changes and enhancements from the limited upgrade.  

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

We will update existing Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)and develop new QRGs to help agency staff navigate and use new features. QRGs provide the steps and screen shots to complete a process or task. Most of the processes will remain the same or very similar. These guides will be available within the modules on the “Need Help?” tile. Updated QRGs will be available for agency staff and suppliers.

Work Group Demos

The SWIFT project team will schedule demonstrations to existing workgroups showing navigation and key process changes for their modules.

Sneak Peeks

The SWIFT update will provide Sneak Peeks to show agency staff changes to navigation, homepage, tiles, help as well as changes in SWIFT modules for accounting and procurement. The SWIFT newsletter will highlight different modules each week starting in August.

Strategic Sourcing Classroom Training

For Strategic Sourcing, we will hold a train-the-trainer style classroom training. Classroom training will be available at Centennial Office Building for agency staff that use the Strategic Sourcing module.
It will focus on enhancements from the limited upgrade. 

Supplier Video

A video highlighting changes to the Supplier Portal will be available for suppliers and bidders. NOTE: “vendors” will be referred to as “suppliers” and “bidders” in the limited upgrade.

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