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Guidelines & Criteria

The MMB Office of Inclusion and Diversity offers guidelines for establishing statewide employee resource groups (ERG). Statewide ERGs may form under the following identities or backgrounds:

Eligible backgrounds and identities

  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Disability communities
  • Generational (i.e., millennials, young professionals, etc.)
  • Gender
  • Veteran

Statewide ERGs cannot form around interests or activities such as sports, hobbies, politics, or other beliefs that do not align with the strategic vision of ERGs.


To be considered for a statewide ERG, each new group must observe and/or meet the following criteria:

1. Start with a minimum of five members.
2. Recommend people for the following roles in their application: Executive Sponsor, Champion, and Chairs. (See Article 3: Structure, for more details)
3. Write a work plan that aligns with the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the state and how the ERG relates to culture, career development, and community involvement.
4. Develop group bylaws that identify key leader roles for Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.
5. Statewide ERGs are not intended to replace labor/management committees.
6. Groups cannot form in opposition to another group.
7. Group membership must be open to all, including allies who support the mission of the ERG.

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