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One Minnesota Council

In consultation with state boards, commissions, and external partners across Minnesota, the One Minnesota Council will serve as a space for equity practitioners and agency leaders to collaborate and implement effective, inclusive, and equitable practices for the State to address disparities and inequities in our community. The Council will monitor and advise on the implementation of legislative policies and state programs that are aimed at decreasing inequities and removing barriers. The work of the One Minnesota Council will involve the full Governor’s Cabinet, as their strong and visible leadership is critical to establishing and achieving the One Minnesota Council’s inclusion and equity goals.

The One Minnesota Council on Inclusion and Equity

Community Council

The Community Council will advise and collaborate with the One Minnesota Council and the Governor's Office of Equity, Opportunity, and Accessibility to ensure the implementation of equitable practices for the State of Minnesota to address disparities, inequities, and systemic racism in Minnesota communities.

The Community Council will review the One Minnesota Council's annual report on the status and implementation of the long-range plan.

The Chief Equity Officer and the Chief Inclusion Officer will serve as Co-Chairs of the Community Council. The Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Engagement will serve as Vice Chair of the Community Council. In addition to the Co-Chairs and Vice Chair, the Community Council will be comprised of up to 12 members appointed by the Governor. The Governor will seek representation from communities most impacted by the disparities, inequities, and systemic racism in our state.

Learn more about the Governor’s Community Council open appointments and how to apply.

One Minnesota Resources

Implementation of the Governor’s Community Council Long-range plan

The Community Council’s Long-range Plan addresses the following issue areas:

  • Humans Resources policies and practices
  • Training and Leadership development
  • Policy Review and Equity Assessments
  • Equity in Procurement and Grant-making
  • Equitable Community Engagement
  • Transparent Accountability

The Office of Inclusion will act as lead on the issue areas of Humans Resources policies and practices, Training and Leadership development, and Policy Review and Equity Assessments.

The Office of Equity, Opportunity, and Accessibility with act as lead on the issue areas of Equity in Procurement and Grant-making, Equitable Community Engagement, and Transparent Accountability.

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