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Monitoring the Hiring Progress


Agencies and MnSCU's colleges, universities, and system office with more than 25 employees must submit a Quarterly Monitoring the Hiring Progress Report to Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) to report efforts to meet affirmative action goals and progress toward those goals. 

This report is completed for all hires for which there is a disparity. 

Please submit the quarterly report even if your agency, college, university, or system office did not have any hires for the reporting period. MHP quarterly reports are due the 3rd Friday following the close of the reporting period. A reporting period ends the last business day of March, June, September, and December (Administrative Rule 3905.0700 subpart 1).

The hires are divided into the following:
  • Affirmative appointments
  • Non-affirmative appointments
  • Justified appointments
  • Non-justified appointments (missed opportunities)

MHP Quarterly Report Instructions

Please submit the Quarterly Monitoring the Hiring Progress Report even if your agency, college, university, or system office did not have any hires for the current reporting period.
  • Conduct your analysis and tabulations from the MHP form. Use this information to complete the fields on the paper copy quarterly report form.
  • Review the Noncompetitive Appointments List and indicate if your agency made any competitive appointments or any of the noncompetitive appointments to a job for which an underutilization of protected groups existed during the reporting period. 
  • Check your totals for accuracy before submitting. 
  • Open the online quarterly report and input the data via your computer. You must complete the entire survey in a single sitting. You will not be able to save the information and come back at a later time to complete. 
  • Please note that only the data in the quarterly report are submitted to MMB. The MHP form itself is not submitted; it is only used for your agency's record keeping.
If you have additional questions about completing this report, please contact
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