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Classification and Job Evaluation

Job classification is a process of identifying and describing the different kinds of work in an organization and of grouping similar positions under common classification titles. The process identifies differences and similarities in kinds of work, degrees of difficulty, and responsibility of duties among positions.

A job classification system is a key factor in many employment procedures and is a foundation of the personnel system, organizational structure, and overall management. Job classification is accomplished through maintenance of classification specifications and position descriptions, the job audit process, and through use of the Hay method of job evaluations.

Job Classification Specifications

Job class specifications exist for nearly 1,200 job classifications.

Career Paths & Families

Over 1,500 class specifications in the executive branch exist and each is assigned to one of 11 broad career paths.

Job Evaluation

A systematic process of measuring job content that enables organizations to evaluate and rank their jobs.

Job Audit Resources

Resources available for determining a position's appropriate classification through the job audit process.

Position Descriptions

Resources available for writing and editing position descriptions.

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