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ELD Center

ELD's training center, located at 10 River Park Plaza in St. Paul, is now open for courses, programs, workshops and seminars. The ELD Center is located close to the state capitol campus, just across the Robert Street Bridge, and offers extensive FREE parking for ELD course participants. Additionally, there are multiple buses that drop off in front and within a block of the ELD Center. The classrooms are equipped with Wi-Fi access, as well as, audio and visual installations which meet ADA standards. 
The nearly 4,000 sq. ft. space is efficiently designed to accommodate up to three classes at a time. The largest classroom, Aristotle, has seating for 49 people. The second largest classroom, Socrates, has seating for 30 people and the smallest room, Plato, has a seating capacity for 14 people. An on-site café is open daily and offers lunchroom seating, carry-out orders and catering services.   

Rates & Availability:

All rooms are available for half day or full day rental on a space available basis. A half day rate is up to four hours and includes setup and breakdown time. A full day is any time over four hours and must be adjourned by the time the training center closes at 4:30 pmPlease review our rates below and contact ELD by email to arrange for a room reservation.

ARISTOTLE room    [49 seats]         Full Day:$330     Half Day: $165   
SOCRATES room     [30 seats]         Full Day: $205     Half Day:  $103
PLATO room            [14 seats]         Full Day: $100     Half Day:  $50

Cancellation Policy for Room Rental Reservations :

Cancellations must be made at least seven calendar days prior to the scheduled reservation. If a cancellation is not made seven days before the reservation date, the contracting agency will be billed. Reservations may be transferred within the seven day window, however contracts are not. The contracting agency retains the responsibilities and liabilities for any transferred reservation. 
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