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Process for State Agencies

FEMA Reimbursement Instructions for State Agencies

Each state agency is responsible for applying for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) reimbursement for any eligible expenses incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the steps you must take in the coming weeks. These actions are extremely important as we try to maximize our use of CRF funds, leverage FEMA as much as possible, and deal with anticipated budget shortfalls.

  1. Due July 22 – Identify an employee who will serve as your agency’s FEMA lead for COVID-19 projects, and your agency’s point of contact for MMB and HSEM. This individual should have accounting or project documentation knowledge and ideally be familiar with COVID-19 response activities for your agency. 
    1. Send their name to Amy Jorgenson
    2. Share this email with your contact
  2. Due July 27 – Register your agency as an applicant for public assistance in FEMA’s grants portal if your agency will be applying for FEMA reimbursement, and if you haven’t already registered.
  3. As soon as possible – Review resources (attached/below) to help answer questions about eligibility and provide guidance on how to navigate the FEMA reimbursement process
  4. By July 31 – Review expenditures from your agency non-federal operating funds to determine if FEMA reimbursement is likely.
  5. As eligible expenditures are made - Submit applications and documentation into the FEMA portal for eligible items.

MMB and HSEM (Homeland Security Emergency Management, part of the Department of Public Safety) are evaluating lists of requests and authorizations from the Coronavirus Relief Fund and the COVID-19 Minnesota Fund to determine if any of those items may be eligible for FEMA reimbursement. MMB will notify your agency contact if HSEM believes FEMA reimbursement is likely for those expenditures.

Resources about eligibility and guidance on how to navigate the FEMA reimbursement process:

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