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Current Budget

The budget for the current two-year budget period (FY 2018-19) was enacted in May, 2017.

November 2017 Forecast:

End of 2017 Regular and Special Legislative Sessions: 

Below are the General Fund Balance and All Funds Statements. There are two versions of each statement:

- One version shows the funds status after the special session and the Governor’s vetoes, compared to the February 2017 forecast.

- The second version shows the funds status after the June 26, 2017 Ramsey County Court Order providing temporary funding for the House and Senate for up to 3 months, compared to the end of session/Governor’s action fund statement.

End of Session with Governor Vetoes: Court Order 

End of Session with Governor Vetoes

February 2017 Forecast:

November 2016 Forecast:

End of 2016 Regular Legislative Session:

February 2016 Forecast:

November 2015 Forecast:

End of 2015 Regular and Special Legislative Session:

February 2015 Forecast:

November 2014 Forecast:

2014 Legislative Session Supplemental Budget Actions (May 16, 2014):

February 2014 Forecast (Feb. 28, 2014):

November 2013 Forecast:

FY 2013 Close, School Shift Buyback:

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