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A group of middle school students hanging out together after school.

Behavioral Health and Wellness Grant Opportunity

The Minnesota Department of Human Services and Management & Budget are partnering with School Districts to offer a three-year evidence-based behavioral health and wellness curriculum called LifeSkills Training (LST) to middle school students (6th – 8th or 7th – 9th grade) beginning in Fall 2020.

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Average results 5 years after programming ends

In past evaluations, LifeSkills Training participants saw more than a 15 percent reduction tobacco and drug use, as well as reductions in anxiety and depression. The programs works by fostering the development of personal self-management and social skills, promoting anti-drug norms, and teaching drug refusal skills. This program can be an important component of the continuum of services used to promote the wellbeing of our students.


20% less likely to use cigarettes.


15% less likely to misuse alcohol.


15% less likely to use illicit drugs

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