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Updating Categories

1.    You will now navigate to your Categorization page and update the categories/commodities you as a vendor can provide.
2.    Click the Manage Events and Place Bids link.
3.    Click the My Categorizations link.
4.    Click in the Description field to enter the particular service or commodity that you would like to identify

Note: The first box searches for an entire phrase.  The 2 other boxes search for a combination of the words.
5.    Enter "OIL"into the Description field.
6.    Click the And/Or list.
7.    Click the AND list item.
8.    Click in the Description field.
9.    Enter "GAS" into the Description field.
10.    Click the Search button to initiate the search.
11.    All of the categories containing the search criteria that was used will be displayed below.
12.    Click the 20120000 category.
13.    Click the 20140000 category.
14.    Click the scrollbar to navigate to the bottom of the page.
15.    Click the Add Selected button to add the categories that were just selected.

        Note: If Add Selected is not clicked the categories will not be added.
16.    The categories that were selected will be displayed.
17.    If the wrong category was selected or needs to be removed the line can be deleted using the trash can icon.

        In this example you will be removing 1 line.

        Click the Delete row 2 button.
18.   You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the selected row.

        Click the OK button to confirm.
19.    Click the Save button to save the new category that was just added.
20.    You have now finished updating the categories/commodities that a vendor can provide.
21.    In this lesson you learned how to update the categories on a vendor. You also learned the following:
  • Learned how to search for categories using the search fields provided.
  • Learned how to delete a category if it was incorrectly selected.
  • Learned how to save the categories added.

End of Procedure.
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