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Updating Vendor Address

In this topic you learn how to update a vendor address. After completing this topic, you should be able to:

- Navigate to the maintain supplier information page

- Define the information that is maintained on the address page

- Explain the different address options

- Edit an address on a current vendor

The State maintains several addresses for a vendor for various uses-Remitting, Returns, Ordering, Invoicing, and Ship From. You are able to change these addresses and designate their purpose. You must be logged into the Supplier Portal in order to maintain your vendor address information. This training assumes you are already logged in to the Supplier Portal.


  1. In order to edit your address information, you need to navigate to the Maintain Addresses page. This page can be found by clicking the Maintain Supplier Information link in the Main Menu section of the Supplier Portal homepage. Click the Maintain Supplier Information link.

  2. Clicking the Maintain Supplier Information link from the Supplier Portal homepage opens the Maintain Supplier Information page. From this page, click the Addresses link to go to the Maintain Address pages.

  3. When you click the Addresses link you may see the Maintain Addresses/Select Vendor page. You will see this page only if your vendor ID has access to respond to bids for other vendors. If so, this page displays a list of vendors that might have Addresses you need to maintain. If your vendor ID does not have this access, you will go directly to the Maintain Addresses/Current Addresses page. The Maintain Addresses/Select Vendor page is a list of all vendors this vendor ID has access to, arranged in two columns: Vendor Name and Vendor ID. The list is sorted by Vendor ID and you cannot sort by Vendor Name. Also, only the vendor names are clickable links.

  4. Clicking the Vendor Name in the Select Vendor list (or directly after clicking the Addresses link from the Maintain Supplier Information page) opens the Maintain Addresses/Current Addresses page. This page shows the current addresses associated with the vendor. The Current Addresses page displays the Vendor Name at the top and just below that a section called Address List. The Address List section has two tabs: Addresses and Address Use.

    The Addresses tab displays the current addresses and includes the following columns: Description, Address 1, Address 2, and Status. At the far right of the tab, for each address row, is a button called Edit. This button is used to make changes to a current address. We will return to this button after reviewing the other elements of this page.

    The Description column on the Addresses tab is clickable. Click this link to view the complete address, including telephone information.

  5. Clicking the Description in the Addresses tab of the Address List opens the Address Information page. At the top of this page the Vendor Name is displayed. Below that are the detailed address information fields:

    Desired Status-
    Address Type-
    Address 1-
    Address 2-
    Address 3-
    Email ID-

    At the bottom of this area is a text box called Comments-include name and phone #.

    Below the Comments box is a section called Telephone Information. Telephone information related to this address is displayed here in the following columns: Type, Prefix, Phone, and Ext. Below the Telephone Information section is a field called Date Change Will Take Effect.

    All of these fields are displayed here for information only and cannot be edited. Later in this topic you will change this address to reflect the current address. At that point the fields are described in greater detail.

    Below the Date Change Will Take Effect field is a Return link. Click the Return link to go back to the Current Addresses page.

  6. The other tab on the Address List section is the Address Use tab. The Address Use tab allows you to view the type of address, which determines how and when it is used. The tab includes the Description, Address 1, and Address 2 columns, followed by the types in this order: Remitting, Returning, Ordering, Invoicing, and Ship From. There is a checkbox in each of the type columns indicating if the address in that row is used for that purpose. The checkboxes are grayed out and cannot be changed from this page. If there is only one address for the vendor, then all the boxes should be checked.

  7. Now you can learn how to make changes to an existing address. To do this you have to be on the Addresses tab in the Address List section. Click the Addresses tab to go back and edit an address.

  8. To edit an address, click the Edit button in the far right column of the row that contains the address you want to change.

    Note: These are the same fields referenced above when clicking the Description column on the Addresses tab. By clicking the Edit button you indicate that you need to change some of this information, so the fields are now opened for editing.

  9. The first row in the Address Information field contains the Description field and the Desired Status field. The Description cannot be changed. If you need a new description you will need to create a new address entry for the vendor. The Desired Status field indicates whether you want the address to be active or inactive. Changing the status to inactive lets you keep the address information so you don't have to reenter it when you want to use it again.

    The next row is the Address Type, which is a dropdown list containing the following options: General/Physical, Human Rights, Ordering/Solicitation, and Remittance. This is a required field.

    The next set of fields are all self explanatory: Country, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, City, County, Postal, State, and Email ID. Below these is a text box called Comments-include name and phone #. If you make a change to the address information you must enter a comment including your name and contact phone number.

    Below this area is the Telephone Information section. Telephone information about this address is given including the Type, Prefix, Phone, and Ext (Extension). You can change any of the existing entries in this section, or you can add a new telephone number by clicking the Add button at the right of any row in the section. To the right of the Add button is a Delete button, which will delete the telephone number in that row when clicked.

    Below the Telephone Information section is a field called Date Change Will Take Effect. This is a date field that tells the system when to implement the changes. The default is the current date. You can make future-dated changes if necessary by changing the date in this field.

    Below the Date field is the Return link, which will take you back to the Current Addresses page. Below this link is the Save button. When you are done making changes, click the Save button.

  10. When you click the Save button, you will get a Save Confirmation page indicating the save was successful. Click the OK button in this page.

  11. Clicking the OK button takes you back to the Current Addresses list where your changes should be reflected.

  12. At the very bottom of the Current Addresses page is a button called Add a New Address. Click this button to add a new address for the vendor. When you click this button the Address Information page opens. This is the same page used to edit existing addresses, with the same fields.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the topic, Updating Vendor Address. Having completed this topic, you should now be able to:

- Navigate to the maintain supplier information page

- Define the information that is maintained on the address page

- Explain the different address options

- Edit an address on a current vendor

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