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Previewing an Event

In this topic you learn how to preview an event. After completing this topic, you should be able to:

- Select an event to preview

- Locate the Start and End Dates of an event

- Locate the contact details for an event

- Identify payment terms and bid restrictions for an event

Note: It is not necessary to log in to the Supplier Portal in order to preview events. Event preview is most often used with events that have not yet started, although you can preview active events as well. However, you cannot place a bid on an active event unless you are logged in using your Vendor ID and Password. This training topic assumes you are logged in, and describes the screens accordingly. The screens displayed for users not logged in are very similar, although certain buttons related to bidding are not displayed.


  1. You first navigate to the View Events and Place Bids Page to preview the event and see the events you can bid on. This navigation begins on the main Supplier Portal page.
  2. From the Supplier Portal page, click the Main Menu link. This link is located at the top of the page just below the Supplier Portal logo.

  3. When you click on the Main Menu link, the system opens a submenu below the Main Menu link. From this list of folders click the Manage Events and Place Bids link.

  4. When you click on the Manage Events and Place Bids link, the system opens a new page displaying the various actions within that group. Click the View Events and Place Bids link.

  5. When you click the View Events and Place Bids link, the system opens the View Events and Place Bids page. This page has a set of search fields at the top that you can use to search for events. This search functionality is described in detail in the topic Searching for an Event\Solicitation. For the current topic, presume the search has already been completed, and the Events that match the search criteria are displayed in the Search Results grid at the bottom of the page.
  6. Depending on the number of qualifying Events, based on the search criteria, you may need to scroll down on the page to view all of the Events.

  7. The Search Results displays Events with information in the following columns, moving from left to right across the column headers: Event ID; Event Name; Format; Type; End Datetime; Status; Agency Description; Procurement Type. The last column, Procurement Type, is not displayed and you may need to click the horizontal scrollbar to move the screen display to the right. You can click on the column headers to sort the search results up or down using that column value. Once you have located the Event you want to preview, you have to click the Event ID to display details about the Event.

  8. The Sourcing Information page is displayed explaining the actions that may be available to you when you preview the event details, depending on the status of the event. The actions that may be available include A) Accept Invitation, B) Bid on Event, or C) Decline Invitation. Each of these options is explained in the training topics Accepting an Invitation and Responding to an Event. Note: If you have not logged in to the Supplier Portal, the Sourcing Information page displays an explanation of the requirements in order to bid on a Minnesota Event along with instructions on what to do if you do not meet any of the requirements.
  9. Click the OK button to navigate past the Sourcing Information page.

  10. When you click the OK button, the system displays the Event Details page. This page is divided into several sections. At the top right the page displays your Vendor Name and Vendor ID. If you are not logged in while previewing the event, a message indicating this is displayed instead.

  11. The next section down contains two parts. On the left is a link back to the Sourcing Information page. Below this link are two buttons, Accept Invitation and Bid on Event. To the right of these buttons is the Bidding Shortcuts area. Here there are three links: View Event Activity, View Event Package, and Upload XML Bid Response. View Event Activity-Bidders use this page to view their own bidding activity. Bidders can access only the events to which they have been invited. View Event Package-Allows you to view comments and attachments provided by the State. You will also be able to print a PDF version of the event. Upload XML Bid Response-this link will be displayed if the buyer has indicated that the bid can be downloaded. These actions are explained in the topic Responding to an Event.

  12. The next section of the Event Details page includes information about the event itself, including the Event Name, Event ID, Event Format/Type, Event Round, Event Version, Event Start Date, and Event End Date. The Event Start Date and End Date show when the event bidding opens and closes for the event. If the event has not started yet, it can only be viewed. After the Start Date you will be able to submit bids on the event.

  13. The next section of the Event Details page is the Event Description. Here you will find a detailed description of the item or services associated with this event. The Event Description provides and specifications and requirements for the item or service.

  14. Below the Event Description, on the left, is the contact information for the buyer or other person responsible for this event. Contact information includes the name, address, phone, fax, email, and links to an online discussion or live chat help regarding this event, where available.

  15. Below the Event Description, on the right, is information regarding payment terms and bid restrictions or limitations. The My Bids field shows any bids you have already made for this event. Edits to Submitted Bids indicates whether the buyer will permit changes to bids you've already submitted. Multiple Bids indicates whether bidders can submit more than one bid for this event.
  16. Click the vertical scrollbar to navigate to the bottom of the Event Details page.

  17. The Lines section at the bottom of the page gives the description and quantity of items in the event. For example , the Description might read, Loader to fit on a Case IH MX120 1998 120 horse tractor with front wheel assist. Color: Red, if possible. Include installation. Some events may have multiple lines; be sure to read the details for each line before considering a bid on the event.

  18. When you are finished previewing the Event Details page, you can click the Return to Event Search link to return to the event search page. From the Event Search page you can click another entry in the Search Results grid, or change the search parameters to look for another event to preview.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the topic Previewing an Event. In this topic you learned how to preview an event. Having completed this topic, you should now be able to:

- Select an event to preview

- Locate the Start and End Dates of an event

- Locate the contact details for an event

- Identify payment terms and bid restrictions for an event

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