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Viewing Account Balances

In this topic you learn how to look at a vendor's account balance and inquiry pages. This page is available only if more than one vendor is associated with the user. After completing this topic, you should be able to:

- View account balances, including the currency in which each balance is shown

- Review general invoice account balance information and access details for a specific invoice

Note: You must be signed in to the Supplier Portal in order to view account balances.


  1. To view account balances you must navigate to the Account Balances section of the Supplier Portal. From the Supplier Portal homepage click on the Review Payment Information link. This is located in the Menu section at the top left, in the list of links below the Search box. Click the Review Payment Information link.

  2. The Review Payment Information menu page generally includes three links: Invoices, Payments, and Account Balances. Other topics in this lesson explain how to view invoices and payments using the corresponding links here; this topic covers only how to view account balances. Click the Account Balances link to view account balance information.

  3. When you click the Account Balances link you may see the Account Balances/Select Vendor page. You will see this page only if your vendor ID has access to respond to bids for other vendors. If so, this page displays a list of vendors that might have account balances you need to view. If your ID does not have this access, you will go directly to the Account Balances/Filter Options page. The Account Balances/Select Vendor page is a list of all vendors this vendor ID has access to, arranged in two columns: Vendor Names and Vendor ID. The list is sorted by Vendor ID and you cannot sort by Vendor Name. Also, only the vendor names are clickable links.

  4. When you click the Vendor Name in the vendor list (or upon clicking the Account Balances link from the Review Payment Information menu page), the Account Balances/Invoice List page is displayed. The Account Balances/Invoice List provides a list of all invoices for the vendor selected. The Vendor Name is given at the top of the page and under that is the Amount field, which gives Need to know.

    The Invoice List section displays general information about invoices. It includes the following columns:

    Invoice Number-
    Invoice Date-
    Due Date-
  5. By default the Invoice List is sorted by Invoice Number. You can sort by any of the other columns simply by clicking on the column header, however, only the Invoice Number is clickable. Click the an invoice number to access details for the invoice, including the Invoice Lines and the Payment Schedule.

  6. Clicking the Invoice Number takes you to the Account Balances/Invoice Details page. At the top of this page is the Vendor Name followed by general information about the invoice. The fields displayed include Invoice Number and Gross Invoice Amount on the left, and Invoice Date and Due Date on the right.

    Below the general invoice information is a section call Invoice Lines. The Invoice Lines section displays details about each line on the invoice and includes the following fields:

    Item ID-
    Statistic Amount-
    Unit Price-
    Merchandise Amount-

    Below the Invoice Lines section is a section called Payment Schedule. The Payment Schedule displays the outstanding payments and the date they are scheduled to be paid out. It also shows the amount and the payment method that will be used when the payment is made. The Payment Schedule section includes the following columns:

    Scheduled to Pay-
    On Hold-
    Wthd Hold-

  7. When you are finished reviewing the Invoice Details for the invoice you selected, you can click the Return to Invoice List link just below the Payment Schedule section to go back to the full list of invoices for the selected vendor.

  8. From the Invoice List you can select a different invoice to review, or click the Return to Vendor List link at the bottom of the page to return to the vendor list and select another vendor.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the topic, Viewing Account Balances. Having completed this topic, you should now be able to:

- View account balances, including the currency in which each balance is shown

- Review general invoice account balance information and access details for a specific invoice

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