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SWIFT Update August 4, 2016

Year End Hard Close – FMS Availability

The SWIFT Financial Management System (FMS) will be unavailable on Friday, August 12, 2016, beginning at 6 pm for hard close. The system will become available on Monday, August 15, 2016 at 6 am.

BFY 2016 Problem Reports and Encumbrance Certification Reports

    •    As of August 1st, BFY 2016 problem reports are being sent out daily to agency contacts. The report identifies four appropriation statuses that must be resolved prior to close. They include appropriations that are in an over-obligated or over-expended status as well as appropriations that still have open requisitions or anticipated transfer balances.
    •    All encumbrances for fiscal year 2016 must be canceled unless the agency head certifies that goods were ordered or services rendered by June 30, 2016 (MS 16A.28). Agencies must certify valid encumbrances by completing and returning the Encumbrance Certification report to MMB by August 12th.

Thanks in advance to agencies for their prompt attention in completing the encumbrance certification report and resolving budget problems to ensure a successful close.

Purchasing Update: Equity Select PO Documents Can Now Reference Contracts

We recently rolled out two new Equity Select document types for Targeted Group, Economically Disadvantaged, or a Veteran-Own Business vendors: DTG (Direct TG/ED/VO) and BTG (Blanket TG/ED/VO). Tying the new document types to contract types gives us the best opportunity to report how well we are utilizing the new Equity Select procurement method. Contracts may now be referenced on both the BTG and DTG document types.

    • For Agency Good Contracts (AGC) and Agency Service Contracts (ASC), you may use either document type that is appropriate (DTG or BTG).
    • For Professional/Technical Service Contracts (PTK), only BTG document type is available.
    • The Equity Select document types can only be tied to contracts established by the Agency, not Statewide contracts established by MMD.

The Equity Select procurement method allows you to directly select a TG/ED/VO business for purchases up to $25,000 without using a solicitation process.  When you use Equity Select, use either DTG (Direct TG/ED/VO) or BTG (Blanket TG/ED/VO) as the SWIFT purchase order document type for entering either: 1) a purchase order for a one-time purchase up to $25,000; or 2) multiple purchase orders against an Agency contract (AGC, ASC, or PTK) that has a value, including all extensions, up to $25,000.

For questions about which vendors are eligible for Equity Select, contact The Office of Equity in Procurement:
    • Phone: 651-201-2402
    • Email:

For questions about entering purchases in SWIFT, contact the SWIFT help desk.

SWIFT Help Desk

Contact the SWIFT Help Desk for any questions, concerns or issues you have with SWIFT:
651-201-8100, option 2 or by email

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; closed holidays.

When emailing the SWIFT Help Desk, be sure to include all details regarding the issue.  Information to include with your message:
    •    Issue Description
    •    Business Unit
    •    Module (Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, etc.)
    •    Transaction ID (Voucher ID, PO ID, etc.)
    •    Error Message Print Screen

Additional assistance can be found on the SWIFT Reference Guide page.

SWIFT Training

To find SWIFT training, open Employee Self-Service and select the Learning folder. Then, search the Catalog using the keyword “SWIFT” to find and enroll in classes currently scheduled. Classes are free of charge and open to everyone.

SWIFT Update Mailing List

The SWIFT Update is sent to the SWIFT Newsletter subscription list. Use the links at the bottom of the page to subscribe or unsubscribe to the SWIFT Newsletter subscription list.

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