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SWIFT Update May 1 2014


Change to Allocating Freight on a Purchase Order

An edit is now in place to not allow allocating miscellaneous charges (freight, etc.) to POs with one or more finalized lines. When an attempt to add a miscellaneous charge to a PO through the Header Misc. Charges dropdown, and the PO has at least one line that has a voucher against it that's been marked Finalized, you will now receive an error message stating "Voucher is Finalized for Schedule X of Line X. Please visit the schedule page to allocate the charges individually for the schedules that are not finalized".

If you receive the above message you will need to add miscellaneous charges at the PO ship line level.

Adding Miscellaneous Charges at the Ship Line Level

Freight and other miscellaneous charges may be entered on the ship line of the purchase order. If a PO line has been finalized this process is required, the allocation process is no longer allowed.

1. Navigate to PurchasingPurchase OrdersAdd/Update POs
2. Inquire the PO needing to be updated if not a new PO.
3. Click on the Schedule icon for the line to be updated.
4. Click on the Schedule icon for the line to be updated.
5. Click on the Miscellaneous Charges icon.
6. Click the plus sign to add a new line.
7. Click the magnifying glass in the Charge Type column and select a Charge Type.
8. Enter a Value % and/or a Flat Amount.
a. Value % is percentage of the Adjusted Price. 10% of the Adjusted Price for that PO line.
b. Flat Amount is a flat rate, such as $10.00.
c. Both a Value % and a Flat Amount may be entered.
9. Click the OK button.
10. Click the Freight tab and verify the Freight Terms are set to FOB-PADD.
11. Click the Save button.
12. Approve, Budget Check and Dispatch the PO.

SWIFT Help Desk

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