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SWIFT Update April 25, 2014


Billing and Accounts Receivable XML set for April 28th

The date agencies will be required to use XML Invoices is set for April 28th. Please see the updated instructions below. More detailed instructions can be found at XML Invoices and Statements QRG


The new XML print solution for AR invoices and statements has been an option available to agencies for the last month. Beginning April 28th, the XML method will be required as Crystal will no longer be updated or maintained by Oracle or MMB staff. Invoices originally created with Crystal will still be available to be printed. Agencies can change to the new solution before April 28th by submitting an email to


It will be required of all users who run the Single Action Invoice Process (SAIP) to setup a new run control ID on or after April 28th at 9:00 am. We have added a location ID to the SAIP run control so that Agencies can choose the return address they would like displayed on the invoice. If an existing run control is used the return address will not display on the invoice.
Detailed instructions on how to setup a new run control can be found on the SWIFT website on the Accounts Receivable Quick Reference Guides page.

Grant Users:

Agencies that process billing through the grants module will also be required to create a new run control the first time running the Single Action Invoice Process on or after April 28th. All other grant related processes will remain the same.

Technical Note:

For agencies that submit an IF0616 interface, the INVOICE-FORM-ID field (record 1000, beginning position 328) will need to be either left blank or populated with XMLPUB. Interface files with CRYSTAL populated in this field will not load beginning April 28th.


XML statements will also be installed and available starting April 28th. Utilizing XML for statements will allow more detailed information about invoices, payments and maintenance transactions to print on the statement. Agencies will also be able to use multiple return addresses if the statements are for different sections of the same agency. And in the future, statements will be able to be emailed to customers instead of paper only.

Asset Management Users

The query M-AM-GENUSER-INFO has been updated. Inconsistent results were fixed. If you have previously run the query, please re-run and use the new returns. If you have questions, please email

SWIFT Help Desk

Contact the SWIFT Help Desk for any questions, concerns or issues you have with SWIFT.
651-201-8100, option 2; Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; closed holidays.
Additional reference information can be found on the SWIFT website

SWIFT Update Listserv

The SWIFT Update is sent to SWIFT Agency Sponsors/Project Managers/Readiness Coordinators, Chief Financial Officers, SWIFT Project Team, SWIFT Steering Committee, and Agency Training Managers. It is also sent to a larger listserv composed of SWIFT end users - to be removed or added to this SWIFT Update list, go to the SWIFT Newsletter List
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