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State Approving Agency

Role of the State Approving Agency in Education

The State Approving Agencies (SAA) are authorized by Title 38 of the United States Code. Each state has a SAA that is responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of programs of education and training for the use of GI Bill benefits. Benefits may be used in high schools, adult education centers, employers who provide on-the-job training and apprenticeship training, license and certification testing, vocational training, as well as all certificate and degree levels of post secondary education both public and private. The SAA initiates approval for GI Bill benefits for new facilities in Minnesota and conducts compliance surveys. They also initiate the approval of all new programs at private for-profit institutions and conduct an annual review of their catalogs.

The mission of the SAA is to:

  • Promote and safeguard quality education and training for Veterans;
  • Ensure greater educational and training opportunities to meet the changing needs of Veterans; and
  • Protect the GI Bill® resources available for those programs by Assisting the VA in preventing fraud, waste, and abuse in the administration of the GI Bill®.

Within Minnesota, there are more than 200 institutions and 6,500 programs that are approved for GI Bill® benefits. Learn more about whether a particular institution or program is approved for VA educational benefits.

State Approving Agency Brochure

Role of the State Approving Agency in On the Job Training (OJT) and Apprenticeship

The GI Bill® and the Minnesota GI Bill offer a great opportunity for Veterans to use their educational benefits while learning a skill or trade. Apprenticeship programs must be registered with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. If the program you are interested in is not listed or if you are interested in an On-the-Job Training opportunity, please contact the Minnesota State Approving Agency at (651) 757-1569 or

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