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Benefits and Resources

Higher Education Veterans Programs

MDVA's Higher Education Veterans Programs helps connect you with educational benefits and resources to succeed in college. We support the success of Veterans, current military members and their families at Minnesota's colleges and universities by providing on-site comprehensive information about benefits and resources as well as creating institutional readiness in support of the unique needs of these students.

This nation-leading program provides staff at colleges and universities throughout Minnesota to help identify and remove barriers to Veterans' enrollment and access to benefits, as well as to create and manage campus Veterans resource centers.

In 2006, the Minnesota Legislature passed a number of initiatives addressing the unique needs of students who are Veterans. In order to assist Minnesota's colleges and universities fulfill these requirements, the MDVA created the Higher Education Veterans Programs. The program consists of a director and regional coordinators located throughout the state.

Specifically, the Higher Education Veterans Program coordinators help schools establish Veteran friendly policies and procedures. They can also help with things like:

  • Payment extensions while awaiting properly applied for educational benefits
  • Military transfer credit
  • Veteran resident status
  • Options for withdrawal from classes due to deployment

On-campus Veterans Resource Centers are unique to Minnesota and provide an environment where Veterans, military members and their families feel welcome. They also provide space for interaction with other Veterans and family members of Veterans. This space is a way for Veterans to connect with each other and representatives from the Higher Education Program.

For more information call 1-800-456-8519 or +1 (651) 556-0596 (international) or 1-800-627-3529 TT.

Download our brochure, or for more information on the Campus Rep program and Veteran Education Benefits visit

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