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Person in wheelchair going up ramp

Disability Discrimination FAQ

Disability Discrimination

Discrimination based on disability is illegal in Minnesota. Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, disability is a “protected class.”

And it is illegal to treat you differently because of your disability in:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Public accommodations
  • Public services
  • Education
  • Credit
  • Business

These are called “protected areas.” There are some exceptions about how disability is covered under the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

What is a disability?

A person has a disability if:

  • He or she has a physical, sensory—blindness or deafness, for example—or mental impairment. This impairment “materially interferes” with—it largely gets in the way of—a major life activity; or
  • He or she has a record of this kind of impairment; or
  • He or she is recognized as having this kind of impairment.

Not every injury or illness amounts to “disability” under the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

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