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Woman selling a house to a family and a African American couple viewing a house

Examples of Possible Discrimination in Housing

Unfair treatment in housing happens a lot...

But not every unfair act is illegal. Below are some examples of what could be illegal discrimination in housing.

  • A housing manager withholds privileges to tenants who are on public assistance.
  • To be considered as a tenant, a housing manager requires those applicants who are on public assistance to have an income four times the rent. Those applicants not on public assistance only need two times the rent.
  • A landlord says she/he cannot rent to a tenant anymore because she is pregnant.
  • A landlord will not rent to a blind person who has a service animal. The landlord says, "No pets allowed." (A service animal is not a pet).
  • A real estate agency will not show or sell houses in a particular neighborhood to racial minorities.
  • Because she is a woman, a bank charges a female customer a higher interest rate for a home loan than it does for men who have the same creditworthiness.
  • A land owner refuses to rent farmland to a single woman, but he will rent the land to a single man.
  • A landlord requires a higher security deposit from renters with children than it does for renters without children.
  • An appartment manager conducts background checks on rental applicants only of a certain race or national origin.
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