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Past Webinars

"Beyond" Ban-the-Box: Hiring People with Criminal Records
March 26, 2018 Length: 1:12:05 Direct Link
Webinar attendees will hear about their legal obligations to comply with employment application ban-the-box laws and anti-discrimination statutes throughout the United States.
Understanding Implicit Bias and its Impact
November 1, 2017 Length: 54:14 Direct Link
Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner. In this webinar, employers, business owners, human resource professionals, and state contractors can gain a better understanding of the impact that implicit bias has in employment and how to address the issue through awareness and training. Presented October 25 as part of the MDHR Workforce Series.
Workforce Inclusion
May 25, 2017 Length: 59:55 Direct Link
The Minnesota Department of Human Rights offered a free webinar on Building an Inclusive Workforce on May 17. This webinar was designed especially for state contractors and attorneys seeking workforce certificates.
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