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A civil rights demonstration with Martin Luther King.

Our Rights - 50 Years of Human Rights

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, MDHR and Twin Cities PBS produced in partnership a documentary series called “Our Rights”. The three-part series explores the history, transformation and future of human rights in Minnesota.Our Rights: . Included are landmark advances in employment rights, access to housing, same sex marriage and other advances that promote justice and inclusion while challenging discrimination.

Our Rights — Justice for All

All Minnesotans have the right to equality, human dignity, fairness and non-discrimination - but those rights are constantly challenged. First in a three-part series. Watch on our web site or YouTube.

Watch on TPT's web site

Our Rights — Raising the Stakes

When a state can set diversity goals for hiring workers that reflect the local community, it can create surprising benefits for everyone involved. As a result, Minnesota has become a national leader in workforce equity. Second in a three-part series. Available on our web site and YouTube soon.

Watch on TPT's web site

Our Rights — Building on the Promise 

Minnesota leaders discuss the work needed to end racial, gender, age and disability-based discrimination, and the need to ensure that all citizens have equal protections and equal access to housing, job and educational opportunities. Third in a three-part series. Available on our web site and YouTube soon.

For upcoming airdates on TPT, please visit the TPT/Our Rights web site.

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