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Sexual Harassment: A Message from Commissioner Lindsey
November 29, 2017 Length: 04:00 Direct Link
Here's what employees need to know about their rights under Minnesota law to be free from sexual harassment or a hostile working environment.
Housing Discrimination: If it happens to You
June 2, 2016 Length: 01:49 Direct Link
Housing discrimination is illegal under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Here are some of the ways the Human Rights Act protects you.
The Civil Rights Act: Living the Legacy
June 3, 2016 Length: 58:33 Direct Link
When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law in 1964, America would not suddenly become the land of opportunity for everyone, but it would never be same again.
‪The Civil Rights Act: Commentary
June 3, 2016 Length: 23:30 Direct Link
In this followup to MDHRs program commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Civil Rights Act, Commissioner Kevin Lindsey discusses "where we go from here."
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