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Minnesota Conversations Chatcasts

The Department of Human Rights Chatcasts are a series of video and audio pieces featuring MDHR Commissioner Kevin Lindsey and guests discussing past and present human rights issues. In conjunction with our "Minnesota Conversations" television series – produced with CTV15 in Roseville, MN – the Chatcasts offer timely topics relating to human rights, diversity and equity.

Minnesota Conversations Chatcasts


Camphor Fiscally Fit Center

Gloria Roach Thomas, Pastor of Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church and Karen Carey-Bonner, Program Manager of Camphor Fiscally Fit Center, discuss the center's work to help people face financial challenges, build wealth and achieve the American dream of homeownership.

Nieeta Presley, Beverley Oliver Hawkins

Nieeta Presley, Executive Director of the Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation and Beverley Oliver Hawkins, CEO of Model Cities, discuss how their organizations help provide homeownership opportunities to low and moderate income families.

Diversity and Inclusion

Director of Diversity Kathryn Troyer and Commissioner Kevin Lindsey discuss the role of Diversity and Inclusion Council and why its work is important for all Minnesotans.

Josie Johnson

Commissioner Kevin Lindsey talks with legendary civil rights leader Josie Johnson, who at age 14 went door to door with her father collecting signatures to abolish poll taxes.

Joe Mansky

Ramsey County Elections Manager Joe Mansky talks with Commissioner Lindsey about voting in Minnesota and how to make our elections system even better.

David Schultz

Hamline Professor of Political Science David Schultz talks about what America was like before the Voting Rights Act and why it's passage was so important.

Steve Simon

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon talks with Commissioner Kevin Lindsey about ways to make it easier for all eligible Minnesotans to vote.

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