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Diverse group of employees

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Diversity and Inclusion Council begins its important work for all Minnesotans

When Governor Mark Dayton signed Executive Order 15-02, he established the Diversity and Inclusion Council to ensure inclusion for all Minnesotans.

The Council's aim is to improve the recruiting and retention of state employees from diverse backgrounds, improve the contracting process for businesses owned by Minnesotans from diverse backgrounds, and promote civic engagement from all communities in the State of Minnesota.

The council is comprised of three committees:

  • Employment Practices
  • Contracting Practices
  • Civic Engagement Practices

Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Myron Franz chairs the Employment Committee; Commissioner Matt Massman chairs the Procurement Committee, and Commissioner Kevin Lindsey chairs the Civic Engagement Committee.

Governor Dayton chairs the council, which includes the Commissioners of Administration, Human Rights, Health, Education, Employment and Economic Development, Management and Budget, Transportation and the chair of the Metropolitan Council.

In the coming months, the council expects to form a plan of action to reach its goals by connecting with the communities it aims to serve.

The Diversity and Inclusion Chatcast features a discussion between the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the Office of Governor Mark Dayton, Katie Troyer, who serves as the chair responsible for the daily oversight of council activities and Department of Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey who serves as the vice-chair of the Council.

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