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CSL Plasma's Pattern of Discrimination

Every Minnesotan deserves to live with dignity and joy. CSLPlasmaTimeline_110619_Final_PressReleaseGraphic


  • CSL Plasma required Alice James to mark male on her intake form. 
  • James, a transgender women, began donating plasma in Duluth.


  • CSL Plasma stopped James from donating when she marked female, consistent with her gender identity.


  • James filed a charge of discrimination with MDHR.


  • MDHR found probable cause that CSL Plasma discriminated against James.


  • CSL Plasma refused to work with MDHR to settle the case.
  • CSL Plasma continued to discriminate against James when she tried to donate in Minneapolis.


  • March – MDHR sued CSL plasma for violating the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  • March – CSL Plasma claims they updated their policies.
  • September – CSL Plasma discriminated again on the basis on gender identity. This time against Charlie Edgar, who is non-binary.

Today, MDHR amends its lawsuit against CSL Plasma for continuing to discriminate on the basis of gender identity.

Accessible and downloadable timeline graphic: JPEG (3.49 MB) or PDF (311 KB)

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