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Sexual violence prevention month. Not you, not me

April: Sexual Violence Prevention Month

Sexual Violence Prevention Month

Help raise awareness and prevent sexual violence in your community

April is Sexual Violence Prevention month. To raise the awareness throughout the state, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education launched a campaign to highlight the importance of sexual violence prevention. OHE has prepared a series of activities and tools for the public to utilize. You can find more information about the campus toolkit and data through OHE's website.

In support of the prevention efforts, Governor Dayton proclaimed April 2018 as Sexual Assault Prevention Month.  In the proclamation, Governor Dayton called on all Minnesotans to take actions to change cultures, systems and environments to stop sexual violence from happening and lessening the immediate and long-term harms of sexual violence. Proclamations can be viewed on the Governor's website.

Sexual violence is a major public health issue that impacts all Minnesota communities and costs the state more than $8 million per year. No one should be subjected to verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature as part of their employment, or work in an environment that degrades their gender. MDHR is committed to addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, schools and other environments. Everyone is protected under the law no matter their gender.

If you believe you have been sexual harassed or facing sexual violence, please contact the authorities. To learn more about how you can help prevent sexual violence, visit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center


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