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December: Human Rights Symposium

2018 Human Rights Symposium

Each December, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights hosts the Human Rights Symposium. The symposium brings together presenters and participants to explore ideas and best practices to reduce discrimination within the state of Minnesota. 


Crossroads: Reconciling Our Vision for America. As Minnesota embarks on the next chapter of human rights in Minnesota, America and Minnesota are at a crossroads. Minnesota and the country are in the midst of extraordinary demographic changes. Across the United States, the importance of equity, human and civil rights in education, housing, health care, employment, the court system and many other areas is being challenged. Nearly 50 years after the Minnesota Human Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were passed, America is at a crossroad and must reconcile its vision for America.

Thank you for your participation this year. Below you will find the digital resources presented during the symposium.

CLE Event code is now available. Attendees shall received their event code in their email. Total approved CLE standard credit: 12, Bias credit: 5.

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