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December: Human Rights Symposium

2017 Human Rights Symposium Tracks

Register for the 2017 Human Rights Symposium Dec. 12 & 13 in St. Paul. This year’s symposium will offer two-full days of programming in a new location. The symposium will be hosted at RiverCentre, Saint Paul.

Throughout 2017, MDHR has celebrated its 50th anniversary under the theme ‘Creating a More Perfect Union’.  Join MDHR, Dec. 12 & 13 in St. Paul, to explore ideas and best practices related to creating a more inclusive Minnesota for all. 

The Symposium’s first day will focus on local communities and include programming for educators, local human rights commissions, advocacy groups, human rights professionals, law enforcement, community leadership, human resource professionals, attorneys, employers and more. The Day 1 keynote will feature Duke Law Professor Jane Wettach discussing her innovative research on suspensions and expulsions. 

The Symposium’s second day will focus on tackling larger issues highlighted by Dr. Algernon Austin’s Keynote presentation in which he will provide his unique perspective on this year’s symposium theme “Creating a More Perfect Union”. 

Additionally, the symposium will offer more than 25 sessions per day to choose from in the following areas:

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