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December: Human Rights Symposium

PowerPoints for 2016 Symposium

8:30 AM  -  9:30 AM 

Plenary Session

Commissioner Kevin Lindsey Plenary
Presentation: Plenary presentation by Commissioner Kevin Lindsey

Session A

10:00 AM  -  11:00 AM 

Metropolitan Economic Development Association update
Topic: Metropolitan Economic Development Association (Meda) Update
Speaker/panel: Joanna Ramirez Barrett, MEDA, VP of Business Solutions
Updates From The Minnesota Department of Administration
Topic: Learn about the work the Department of Administration is doing to fulfill its mission of benefiting all Minnesotans through leading innovation, creating solutions, and providing exceptional services.
Speaker: Alice Roberts-Davis, MDA, Assistant Commissioner, Property and Purchasing
Effecting Change in Criminal Justice?
Topic: The Need to Effect Change Now in Criminal Justice
Speaker: Anthony Newby, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change; Teresa Nelson, Legal Director, ACLU Of Minnesota 
Emerging Issues in Voting
Topic: Emerging Issues in Voting
Speaker: MDHR Commissioner Kevin Lindsey,J.D.
Workforce Audits
Topic: Workforce Audits – What Contractors Should Know About MDHR’s Efforts
Speakers: MDHR Compliance Enforcement Officers Elaine Valadez, Hassan Mahamud and Brianne Lucio

Session B

11:10 AM  -  12:10 PM 

Discrimination Investigations
Topic: Discrimination Investigations – Process, Practice and Tips for Parties before the Department
Panel: MDHR Enforcement Officers Tom Barnette and Christina Schaffer
Civic Engagement
Topic: Civic Engagement – Creating Space for Disenfranchised Communities
Speaker/panel: Nick Kor, MDHR Civic Engagement Director, and MDHR Deputy Commissioner Rowzat Shipchandler
A look at Minnesota’s Untested Rape Kit Backlog
Topic: Discuss the information surrounding ending impunity for gender-based violence globally and locally:  a look at Minnesota's untested rape kit backlog
Speaker: Tara Kalar, J.D., Co-Chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association's Human Rights Committee, and Elizabeth Meske, J.D., Associate Attorney, Knutson, Flynn & Deans, P.A.
Issues Facing Minnesota's Immigrants
Topic: Issues Facing Minnesota’s Immigrant and Refugee Communities
Speaker: John Keller, J.D., Immigration Law Center
Workforce Participation Goals
Topic: What has been Achieved and What New Goals Are on the Horizon?
Speaker: MDHR Commissioner Kevin Lindsey, J.D.

Session C 

12:20 PM  -  1:20 PM

ADA/FMLA Intersection
Topic: ADA/FMLA Intersection
Speaker/panel: Penelope Phillips, J.D. and Grant Collins, J.D., of Felhaber Larson
School Bullying
Topic: School Bullying
Speakers: Jessica Brennan, J.D., MDHR; Craig Wethington, Director, School Safety Technical Assistance Center, Minnesota Department of EducationHeather Hirsch, School Climate Specialist in the School Safety Technical Assistance Center at the Minnesota Department of Education.
Presentation: School Bullying.pptx
Criminal Justice Disparate Outcomes
Topic: Understanding Where Disparate Outcomes Exist in the Criminal Justice System
Speaker/panel: Robin Wolpert, J.D., MSBA Bar President, and Kelly Mitchell, J.D., Executive Director Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice.
Understanding Tribal Sovereignty
Topic: Understanding Tribal Sovereignty & MN’s American Indian Communities
Speaker: Joe Hobot, American Indian OIC
Exploring the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development
Topic: Discuss the various programs and initiatives of DEED that promote business recruitment, expansion, and retention; workforce development; and community development.
Speakers: DEED Assistant Commissioner Karen Francois & Kolu Wilson, DEED Director of Office of Economic Equity and Opportunity

Session D

1:30 PM  -  2:30 PM 

Religious Accommodations in the Workplace
Topic: Prayer Breaks and Other Religious Accommodations
Speakers: Sheila Engelmeier, J.D., and Tom Marshall, J.D., of Engelmeier & Umanah PA
Sex Discrimination in Education: Title IX, MHRA and Beyond
Topic: Sex Discrimination In Education
Speakers: Trevor Boulter, J.D., MDHR Lead Enforcement Officer, and Jessica Brennan, J.D., MDHR Legal Analyst

21st Century Policing
Topic: Implementing 21st Century Policing Model in Minnesota
Speaker/panel: Chief Tom Smith (moderator); Chief Blair Andersen (St. Cloud Police Chief); Tyrone Terrill, African-American Leadership Council; Joel Franklin, Community Ambassadors Initiative
Emerging Issues In Disability Rights: Access To Information In The Digital Age
Topic: This panel will discuss the legal and technical aspects of digital accessibility as well as its current application and impact. Access to the digital realm has become a basic right. It is the means by which people get information, shop for goods and services, search and apply for employment, and access government services. When barriers to this info exist, people with disabilities are denied participation in these vital areas. 
Speakers: Chad Miller, Digital Accessibility Specialist, Minnesota State Council on Disability; Janet Peters, Project Coordinator of Accessible Technology, Great Lakes ADA Center; Ken Rodgers, Disability Programs Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Exploring Minority Entrepreneurship in Minnesota
Topic: Minority Entrepreneurship
Speakers: Dr. Bruce Corrie, Economist and Professor Concordia University, St. Paul; Pamela Standing, Project Director, Minnesota Indian Business Alliance

Session E

2:40 PM  -  3:40 PM

Marijuana in the Workplace
Topic: Marijuana in the Workplace
Speaker: Shalanda Ballard, J.D., Counsel, Labor & Employment at 3M
Make your City a UN Human Rights City
Topic: Human Rights Cities Initiative and CEDAW: The UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
Panel: Ellen Kennedy, Ph. D., and Elizabeth Meske, J.D., Associate Attorney, Knutson, Flynn & Deans, P.A.
Law Enforcement and Individuals With Disabilities
Topic: Law Enforcement and Responding to Individuals With Disabilities
Speaker: St. Paul Police Department Officer Robert Zink
Islamophobia in Minnesota
Topic: Islamophobia in Minnesota – Why Is It Happening and How Can It Be Stopped?
Speaker: Jaylani Hussein, CAIR Executive Director, and Ellen Longfellow, ESQ, CAIR
Local Economic Development Groups
Topic: Local Economic Development Groups – What they are, why they’re important and how we can help them flourish
Speakers: Gene Gelgelu, Executive Director of African Economic Development Solutions; Tony Schertler, Board Member, Economic Development Association of Minnesota

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