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Community meeting with diverse group of people clapping

Civic Engagement

What is Civic Engagement?

The Civic Engagement Committee defines civic engagement as the intentional effort of government to facilitate meaningful dialog with the public in its work and in the development of public policy.

Why is Civic Engagement Important?

Civic Engagement is important because it strengthens our democracy by ensuring that all people within our society have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful manner in our government, and that government has the consent of the governed. Civic engagement is also important because it increases the effectiveness of the delivery of government programs by increasing the understanding and complexity of problems, identifying solutions among all stakeholders, including those individuals impacted by the problem, and builds trust between all stakeholders. 

Goals of the Civic Engagement Committee

The Committee seeks to: 

  1. Enhance the civic engagement efforts of all agencies
  2. Instill a culture within all agencies to commit to continually seek to improve their community engagement efforts and 
  3. Enhance the civic engagement efforts of all Minnesotans.

Download the Civic Engagement Plan 2016 brochure (PDF 1.74 MB)

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