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As part of our work to educate Minnesotans about their civil rights, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights produces shareable print and digital content.

Protect Your Civil Rights Fact Sheets

This fact sheet (1/3 of letter size) is a helpful tool that explains how the Minnesota Human Rights Act protects the civil rights of Minnesotans, the role of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, and how individuals can contact our office if they experienced discrimination.

English (PDF) Español (PDF) Hmoob (PDF) Soomaali (PDF)





Preventing Hair Discrimination Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines what the law is; examples of hair discrimination; ways employers, schools, and businesses can prevent discrimination; and how to report discrimination.

English (PDF) Español (PDF) Soomaali (PDF)
Preventing Hair Discrimination Screenshot Spanish Preventing Hair Discrimination Screenshot Somali Preventing Hair Discrimination Screenshot

Discrimination Helpline 

The Discrimination Helpline allows Minnesotans who experience or witness discrimination to report incidents to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights by calling 1-833-454-0148. Help the spread the word by using the toolkit below.

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