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Get Started - Audits

MDHR's Workforce Certification & Audits

MDHR's Workforce Certification and Audits are aligned with the Department’s efforts to ensure state contractors are exercising Good Faith Efforts to ensure equal employment opportunities within their companies and comply with federal and state anti-discrimination laws. To ensure compliance with these laws, each state contractor with a Workforce Certificate can expect to be audited at some point during its 4-year certificate period.  

MDHR is focused on: 

  • Eliminating bias in recruitment, 
  • Encouraging contractors to examine their recruiting and retention practices 
  • Encouraging contractors to engage more with community and educational partners

Equal Pay Certificates & Audits

The Department is responsible for ensuring that state contractors with contracts in excess of $500,000 provide compensation to their female employees that complies with federal and state anti-discrimination and equal pay laws.  Under WESA, the Department is required to monitor certificate holders’ compliance with audits. 

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