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Workforce Certificate Audits

The Department schedules workforce audits of all contractors with workforce certificates to determine whether the contractor should retain its workforce certificate. Workforce Certificate Audits Contractors should expect that they will be audited by the Department at least once during the four-year period in which they hold their workforce certificate. 

Contractors may contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion for Minnesota Businesses by phone at 651–539–1100 or by email at with questions.

Determining Compliance

In determining a contractor’s compliance during an audit, the Department may analyze:

  • Compliance with anti-discrimination laws, Minnesota law, Minnesota Rules 5000.3400 to 5000.3600, and contractual equal employment opportunity terms
  • Whether the efforts of the contractor to implement its affirmative action plan was sincere
  • Achievement of goals within its affirmative action plan or workforce participation goals set by the Commissioner
  • Efforts of the contractor to promptly address identified deficiencies
  • Whether contractor submitted timely compliance information to the Department
  • Whether a contractor permits on-site compliance review and readily makes records and document available for review

Affirmative Action Plan Requirements

An affirmative action plan submitted to the Department must contain the following required ingredients:

  • Policy statement 
  • Assignment of affirmative action/equal employment opportunity responsibilities 
  • Procedures for dissemination of policy and plan 
  • Workforce analysis, including availability and utilization analyses 
  • Goals, objectives and timetables for completion 
  • Identification of deficiencies or problem areas 
  • Measures to facilitate implementation of policy and plan 
  • Internal audit and reporting systems Disabled individuals plan
  • Plan for recruiting, retaining, and promoting individuals with disabilities
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Workforce Certificate Audits

Each Workforce Certificate-holder can expect to be audited at some point during its 4-year certification period. 

Learn More about Workforce Certificate Audits.

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