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Affirmative Action Plan Guide

Affirmative Action Plan Guide

AA Plan Template  

You can download the Microsoft Word document below to prepare the narrative sections of your affirmative action plan. The document also explains what charts are required as a part of your plan. The charts are available in Microsoft Excel, with formulas that will perform the required calculations, and as Word files to be filled in manually.

Download How-To Develop an Affirmative Action Plan, available in Word (.doc):

You may not need to complete all of the charts below. Please review the instructions in the above 'How To' document to determine which charts you need before downloading charts.

Worksheets: Workforce Analysis Worksheets & Labor Force Availability (Excel Format)

Optional worksheets (see the instructions on each Optional Worksheet):

2010 Census Data Available

Data sets from the 2010 Census are available for use in affirmative action plans. Click to access Census Labor Force Availability data (for packets designed for Minnesota employers) or at the U.S. Census Bureau web site (for all available data). Affirmative action plans must use data from the 2010 Census. If you need assistance using the new data, please call 651.539.1100 and ask for Compliance, or email us at

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