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Monthly Project Reports

Monthly Project Reports are required for certain construction projects funded by the State of Minnesota. 

Reports are due on the 10th of each month and sent to

If you have been notified by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, another state agency, or a prime contractor that you must submit monthly reports, use the forms and information below. 

Download Monthly Project Reports  

Both reports are Excel Sheets. Download the reports each month because changes may have made from month to month. 

Who completes the Monthly Project Reports?

The prime contractor must complete the Prime Contractor Monthly Report for each month of work on a construction project.
Prime contractors are also required to submit all Subcontractor Monthly Reports, which should be completed by each subcontractor on the project. 

How will I know if my company must submit a report?

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights will notify the prime contractor of its reporting obligations by sending the prime a preconstruction packet. 
Prime contractors are required to inform their subcontractors of their requirements. 
Monthly report forms are required for the duration of the project, including months when no work is being completed and until the project ends. 

What must the prime contractor send?

The prime contractor must send the following each month:
1. Prime Contractor Monthly Report
2. Compiled copies of all Subcontractor Monthly Reports, sent to the prime by all subcontractors who performed work on the project during that month

What information must be provided?

All fields on each tab must be completed. If any report is incomplete or does not reflect the sum of hours in the utilization reports for that month, you may be asked to correct the deficiencies.

Please note: 

  • Enter the project number and description as indicated by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights in its preconstruction packet and other correspondence. Generally, the Department uses the project number and description provided by the contracting agency. 
  • Update the estimated completion date, if necessary. 
  • Submit the number and names of subcontractors who worked on the project that month on the Monthly Summary tab of the Prime Contractor Monthly Report. 
  • If you have information that will help the Minnesota Department of Human Rights better understand the report or if contact information changes, use the Additional Information box at the bottom of the Monthly Summary tab or attach a cover letter. 

When are reports due?

The Monthly Reports are due on the 10th day of each month, reporting work performed in the previous month.  
For example, work performed in June must be reported by the 10th of July. If you do not have all the month’s Subcontractor Monthly Reports by the 10th, please submit all data that you have at the time. 

Please note: 

  • Data received after you submit a monthly report should be included in the following monthly report. Do not send revisions of previous monthly reports.
  • If there are no work hours during a given month, you must still submit a monthly report with zero hours documented on it. Do not delay filing your reports. Timely submission of reports is part of the determination of a contractor’s Good Faith Efforts. 
  • The Minnesota Department of Human Rights will issue notices of deficiency when reports are not received on time and may deem the contractor non-compliant.

Where does the prime contractor send completed reports?

Send each report as separate excel sheets (separate attachments) to 
Always indicate when the report is the final report for the project.
If email is not an option, fax the reports to 651-296-9042 or send by mail:
Office of Equity & Inclusion for Minnesota Businesses
Minnesota Department of Human Rights
540 Fairview Avenue North, Suite 201
Saint Paul, MN 55104
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