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Copy Costs

Minnesota Statutes section 13.03, subdivision 3(c) allows us to charge for copies.

  • There is no charge to inspect data.

  • We do not charge for copies if the cost is $25.00 or less.

  • We do not charge for requests from the legislature or other government agencies.

  • If the total cost of fulfilling your request is more than $25.00, we will notify you of the charge prior to fulfilling your request. You must pay for the copies before we will complete your request.

  • Multiple requests made within the same 30 business day period, by the same individual, will be treated as a single request for the purposes of calculating whether the minimum of more than $25.00 is met.

For 100 pages or fewer of paper copies:

No charge if:

  • 100 pages or fewer of one-sided black and white, letter, or legal size paper copies; or

  • 50 pages or fewer of two-sided black and white, letter, or legal size paper copies

For more than 100 pages of paper copies AND/OR the total cost is more than $25:

We will charge for the actual cost of:

  • Materials (paper, CD, DVD, etc.) (no cost for materials if sent electronically)

  • Employee time for copying and/or electronically transmitting data

  • If you are not the subject of the requested data, we will also charge the cost of employee time spent searching and retrieving the data

  • Any mailing costs

  • If your request for copies of data is for something we cannot copy ourselves, such as photographs, we will charge you the actual cost we must pay an outside vendor for copies
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